The falling hair should not be taken lightly because at times it may be a symptom of some underlying illness. But mostly hair loss stems from something which may not be that serious. But no matter what the cause is, it is of course not a welcoming thing because it is after all detrimental to your overall beauty. It may lead to balding and men are more susceptible to balding than women. Women too experience baldness but its more of hair thinning or a case of receding hair line rather than total balding. The various causes of baldness may be listed below:1. Hormonal fluctuations or imbalances as during pregnancy, menopause, child-birth, discontinuation of contraceptive pills etc.2. Endocrine disorders3. Medical conditions like diabetes, lupus etc.4. Malnutrition5. Medical treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy.6. Fungal infections of the scalp7. Exposure of scalp and hair to excessive chemicals like styling gels, perm gels, straightening gels, hair bleaches and dyes.8. Hair-pulling habit or Trichotillomania9. Certain hair styles like braids or weavers.10. Stress11. Medications like antidepressants, contraceptive pills and drugs for gout, arthritis, cardiac problems and hypertension.Previously it was thought that it is irreversible but nowadays people are re-growing their hair with the help of numerous promising herbal remedies. Let's take a look at some of them:1. Aloe Vera - Aloe Vera is an effective herbal remedy for hair loss. It contains an enzyme named as superoxide dismutase which triggers hair growth and replaces lost hair. You are to massage the Aloe Vera gel on scalp and hair every night before retiring to bed.2. Green Tea - Green tea is highly beneficial as herbal remedy for hair loss. Green tea contains an antioxidant catechin that inhibits the production of DHT at the hair root and thus checks baldness. Drinking plenty of green tea or taking a green tea capsule is a highly recommended herbal remedy for hair loss.3. Red pepper - Application of red pepper pulp to the scalp improves blood flow to the scalp, draws in more nutrients to the scalp, improves the longevity of scalp cells and thereby stimulates hair re-growth.4. Nettle root - Nettle root is also an effective herbal remedy for hair loss. The roots extracts of nettle contain some vital lipids and minerals that foster hair re-growth by stimulating hair follicles. Know more about real hair wigs , wigs uk and more, Please go to: